Books of the Week

Ideal Book for Girls (1930)

Dolly Dimple (1915)

Oranges and Lemons (1946)

Ideal Book for Girls (1946)

The King of the Golden River or the Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria (1920)

The Grand Book for Boys (1939)

The Camp in the Mountains (1893)

Nature and Her Servants or, Sketches of the Animal Kingdom (1886)

A Flock of Four (1903)

Novelties, and How to Make Them (1907)

Watty: A White Puppy (1913)

In and Out (1883)

A Book of Golden Deeds (1910)

The Land of Greece: Described and Illustrated (1886)

Butterflies & Moths At Home & Abroad (1912)

Verses For Children (1900)

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1896)

The Orient Boys (1884)

With Nature's Children (1909)

Playful Pets (1920)