Our Pets: A Dean Pop-Up Book (1965)

The Runaway Train Pop-up Book (2007)

Puss in Boots (1976)

Aladdin: A Pop-Up Book (1994)

The Peter Rabbit Pop-Up Book (1983)

A Merry Week: Pop-up Pictures (1968)

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny: A Pop-Up Book (1998)

An Adventure with Oscar Otter: A Peek-and-Find Book (1998)

The Wind in the Willows: Home Sweet Home (A Pop-Up Book) (1988)

Little Red Riding Hood: A Fairy Tale Pop-Up Book (2006)

The Ugly Duckling: A Fairy Tale Pop-Up Book (2006)

Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Gardens of Delight (1997)

Sam's Pizza (1996)

Dean's Pop-Up Book of Animals (1979)

My Pop-Up Book of Puss In Boots (1984)

Bible Story Pop-Ups: The Creation (2004)

Snow White (1985)

An Adventure with Morris Mouse (1996)

The Pop-Up Book Of Manners (1992)