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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Jasper the CatJanet Allison Brown2003


Jesus and the fishermenGordon Stowell2003


Jesus is bornGordon Stowell2003


Juliette fait sa toiletteDoris Lauer2003


l'abécédaire tout en photosPatricia Felzines2003


La Belle au bois dormantThe Brothers Grimm, Claire Mulkai2003


Léo le Chat comes to Play!Opal Dunn2003


Le Petit Soldat de plombHans Andersen, Claire Mulkai2003


Leon and BobSimon James2003


Looking at the scrub jungle with Leenaz the LorisDr. T.V. Padma2003


Machines at work: DiggerNicola Deschamps2003


Masterpieces from DresdenHarald Marx, Malcolm Green, et al.2003


Meg and Mog Jigsaw Puzzle BookHelen Nicoll2003


Mini Lesemaus: Im SchwimmbadSigrid Leberer2003


Monster Il Mostro: Una Storia Raccontata in Italiano e in IngleseEllen Blance e Ann Cook2003


My Granny's PursePaul Hanson2003


My Treasury of Favourite TalesEnid Blyton2003


Nativity Press-out ModelN/A2003


One Starry Christmas NightGaby Goldsack2003


Pains on TrainsAndrew Holmes2003

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