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Bedtime Stories: Special Series, Volume 3David Marshall, Bernard Kinman, Rosemary Brown, et al.1985


Belinda's BalloonEmilie Boon1985


Bruin's Wonderful ClockPauline McMillan1985


Cavalier King Charles SpanielsElidh M. Stenning1985


Child's PlayMichael Aspel, Richard Hearsey1985


Children's Guide to LondonChristopher Pick1985


Choose Your Own Adventure #28: Fire!R.A. Montgomery1985


Christmas comes to Mrs MousePeggy Burton1985


CinderellaCharles Perrault, Clare Rosen1985


Colouring Plus/Coloriage PlusUnknown1985


Comet in MoominlandTove Jansson, Elizabeth Portch1985


Coming Home: A Dog's True StoryTed Harriott1985


Counting BearsPeter Seymour1985


Country Matters: Further Tales of a Country ParsonPeter Mullen1985


English Barometers: 1680-1860Nicholas Goodison1985


Fairy Tales Around The WorldEdward Holmes, The Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen, et al.1985


Famous Legends: Book 1J.D.M. Preshouse1985


Gael: Sheepdog of the HillsEric Halsall1985


Girls' Adventure Stories: Cathy Stumbled on a Secret and other storiesUnknown1985


Girls' Adventure Stories: One Misty Afternoon and other storiesUnknown1985

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