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CoverTitleAuthor Year


By Common, Pinewood & BogMargaret Cameron1910


Downy DucklingA.J. MacGregor, W. Perring1942


The Adventure of the Four Wonder-Chickens and the AeroplaneB. Kok1947


The Adventure of the Four Wonder-Chickens and the Cottage in the WoodB. Kok1947


Birds Of The Sea And ShoreGladys Davidson1948


The Cock, The Mouse And The Little Red HenFélicité Lefèvre1948


Birds Of Meadow And StreamElizabeth Gould1950


Sold for a FarthingClare Kipps, Julian Huxley1953


The Ladybird Book of PetsGeorge Cansdale1957


A Second Book of British Birds and their nestsBrian Vesey-Fitzgerald1958


Domini The Golden PloverC.W. Henry1958


Highlands & Moorlands (Green Meadow Books)Cecily M. Rutley1959


Puff and the ChickLouise Bienvenu-Brialmont1963


The Tale of Jemima Puddle-DuckBeatrix Potter1963


'Well-Loved Tales': Chicken LickenVera Southgate1969


'Well-Loved Tales': Chicken LickenVera Southgate1969


Pond and River BirdsJohn Leigh-Pemberton1969


Birds of PreyJohn Leigh-Pemberton1970


The Hamlyn Guide to Birds of Britain and EuropeBertel Bruun1970


mountain animals (animal life 2)Tony Long1971

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