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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Adventures of PipEnid Blyton1948


Five Have A Wonderful TimeEnid Blyton1952


The Rubadub MysteryEnid Blyton1952


Before I Go To SleepEnid Blyton1954


The Big Noddy BookEnid Blyton1955


Five on a Secret TrailEnid Blyton1956


Playways AnnualChris Temple, Enid Blyton, Eunice Close, et al.1956


The Boy Next DoorEnid Blyton1956


Noddy and the Bumpy DogEnid Blyton1957


Enid Blyton's Rumble and ChuffEnid Blyton1958


Enid Blyton's Chimney Corner StoriesEnid Blyton1963


Tales of Brave AdventureEnid Blyton1963


Enid Blyton's Brer Rabbit's a RascalEnid Blyton1965


Tales of Long AgoEnid Blyton1965


The Secret MountainEnid Blyton1965


Enid Blyton's Stories For YouEnid Blyton1966


Enid Blyton's Stories For YouEnid Blyton1966


Six Cousins at Mistletoe FarmEnid Blyton1967


The Island of AdventureEnid Blyton1967


The Adventures of PipEnid Blyton1968

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