Fairy Tales


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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Little Red Riding Hood: A Fairy Tale Pop-Up BookThe Brothers Grimm2006


The Magical World of Fairies: Enchanted Tales From FairylandNicola Baxter2006


The Ugly Duckling: A Fairy Tale Pop-Up BookHans Andersen2006


Grimms MärchenThe Brothers Grimm2007


Jewish Fairytales and LegendsHarald Salfellner, Simon Johnson2007


Puss in Boots Pop-up BookCharles Perrault2009


Snow White Pop-up BookThe Brothers Grimm2009


Disney: RaiponceNatacha Godeau2010


Hansel and Gretel (Ladybird tales)The Brothers Grimm, Joan Cameron2011


João e o pé de feijãoLaurent Richard2011