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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Charm of GardensDion Clayton Calthrop1917


The Johnny Garden BookArthur Prensky1951


100 Best ShrubsPeter Hunt1963


Gardening in colourFrances Perry1964


The Good Gardener's EncyclopediaStanley B. Whitehead1964


The Guide to The 1965 Good Gardening in Arkley Manor GardensDr. W.E. Shewell-Cooper1965


How-do-you-do: Indoor PlantsJennie Corbett1967


Amateur Gardening Pocket Book of Garden FlowersJ.S. Dakers1969


Garden ShrubsPeter Hunt1969


Indoor GardeningJ. Griffin-King1969


Up The Garden Path: Thelwell's Guide to GardeningNorman Thelwell1972


Marvellous World of Garden FlowersMatthias Hermann, Grace Jackman1973


Be Your Own House Plant SpotterDr. D.G. & J.P. Hessayon1977


The Vegetable Book: How to grow and cook your own vegetablesTerence Conran and Maria Kroll1977


The Pocket Book of Garden ConstructionAlan Taylor1981


'Jock' Davidson's House Plant BookWilliam 'Jock' Davidson1982


The House & Garden Book of English GardensPeter Coats1988


Gardening: In and OutJan Morrow1990


The Flower GardenRichard Bisgrove1992


My First Garden BookAngela Wilkes1993

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