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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Hypochondriac's Dictionary of Ill HealthSimon Brett and Dr. Sarah Brewer1994


The Witch who couldn'tTerry Hassett Henry1994


Cats' Eye View: KitticultureDavid Westwood1995


Les plus belles anecdotes de Nasreddin HodjaKemal Yörenç, Pierrette Grolier1995


Oxford Reading Tree Stage 5, Book 4: GranRoderick Hunt1995


Schapen in WolfsklerenSatoshi Kitamura, Martine Schaap1995


The Perfect HostessRose Henniker Heaton1995


The Queen's KnickersNicholas Allan1995


A Gentleman Publisher's Commonplace BookJohn G. Murray, John R. Murray1996


A la cama o...¡YA VERAN!/To bed...OR ELSE!Ewa Lipnicka, Maria Helena Thomas1996


Dat is geen pappagaaiWolf Elbruch1996


Sam's PizzaDavid Pelham1996


The Crazy World of CatsBill Stott1996


The Good and Bad Witch at SchoolChris Nicholls1996


The Optimist Sees the Bagel, the Pessimist Sees the Hole: Life's Little Jewish Instruction BookLeonard Sorcher1996


Three Little Pigs: A Tale From the Land of Nod...Kenneth Keay1996


Chicken Licken: A Wickedly Funny Flap BookJonathan Allen1997


Condorito, No. 286Pepo1997


Feng Shui for CatsLouise Howard1997


Paddington Helps OutMichael Bond1997