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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Fox BustersDick King-Smith1980


Un histoire par jour: ÉtéThe Walt Disney Company1980


Walt Disney Productions presents: The Big Bad Wolf and Li'l WolfThe Walt Disney Company1980


Asterix and the Great CrossingRené Goscinny, Anthea Bell, Derek Hockridge1981


Happy Families: Mr and Mrs Hay the HorseAllan Ahlberg1981


Monster Fun Annual 1982Unknown1981


The Strange Affair of Adelaide HarrisLeon Garfield1981


Fungus the BogeymanRaymond Briggs1982


Let's Parler Franglais Again!Miles Kington1982


More About PaddingtonMichael Bond1982


Roald Dahl's Revolting RhymesRoald Dahl1982


The Calculating Cat ReturnsEric Gurney1982


The Grunts: What a day!Martina Selway1982


The Julian StoriesAnn Cameron1982


UncleJ.P. Martin1982


VampiresColin & Jackie Hawkins, Enid von Bluoton1982


WitchesColin Hawkins1982


A Bad Spell for the Worst WitchJill Murphy1983


Fantastic Mr FoxRoald Dahl1983


Henry's CatStan Hayward1983