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The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme, Book 12a: The Holiday Camp mysteryW. Murray1966


The Ladybird Words for Number Series, Book 1: Understanding NumbersJ. McNally and W. Murray1966


The Life of the DramaEric Bentley1966


The MikadoW.S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan, Martha Mearns1966


The New ChildbirthErna Wright1966


The Pirates of PenzanceW.S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan, Jean Blashfield1966


The Twenty-Two LettersClive King1966


The Yeomen of the GuardW.S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan, Martha Mearns1966


The Zebra Book of Games and PuzzlesCarlton Wallace1966


Tom Sawyer Abroad and Tom Sawyer, Detective (Airmont Classics)Mark Twain, Dr. Beryl Rowland1966


Trains Annual 1967Various1966


Village ChristmasMiss Read1966


'People at Work': The SailorI. & J. Havenhand1967


A Pretty Kettle of Fish: A Light-Hearted Guide to Coarse-FishingArnold Wiles1967


Airmont Shakespeare Classics: Henry the Fourth - Part OneWilliam Shakespeare1967


Arctic Mystery: An Action Man AdventureUnknown1967


Æsop's FablesLouis Untermeyer1967


Brooke Bond Picture Cards: Flags & Emblems of the WorldR.O. Dennys1967


Dean's Gift Book of Fairy TalesCharles Perrault, The Brothers Grimm, et al.1967


Green SmokeRosemary Manning1967

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