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Smoke and FluffA.J. MacGregor, W. Perrin1972


Snow-White and the Seven DwarfsThe Brothers Grimm, Jane Carruth1972


Soldier, Soldier, Won't you marry me?Traditional1972


Supercook: Vol. 1, Part 1Unknown1972


The Armada Lion Book of Humorous VerseRuth Petrie, Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, John Betjeman, Ted Hughes, Spike Milligan, et al.1972


The Black Arrow (Bancroft Classics)Robert Louis Stevenson1972


The Black TulipAlexandre Dumas1972


The Blue WhaleKazue Mizimura1972


The Chick and the DucklingV. Suteyev, Mirra Ginsburg1972


The day the animals went on strikeMichael Bond1972


The First Four YearsLaura Ingalls Wilder1972


The How And Why Wonder Book of The Spoilt EarthJohn Gooders1972


The Observer's Book of HeraldryCharles MacKinnon of Dunakin1972


The Story of Britain: Before the Norman ConquestR.J. Unstead1972


The Story of Britain: From William of Orange to World War IIR.J. Unstead1972


The Story of Britain: In The Middle AgesR.J. Unstead1972


The Story of Britain: In Tudor and Stuart TimesR.J. Unstead1972


The Tale of Benjamin BunnyBeatrix Potter1972


The Three ToymakersUrsula Moray Williams1972


The Wishing-Chair AgainEnid Blyton1972

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