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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Doctor Who and the Revenge of the CybermenTerrance Dicks1976


Early One Morning: Silver Book FourE.S. Bradburne1976


FlightPeter Shephard1976


Great Civilisations: CreteClarence Greig1976


Grimm's Fairy TalesThe Brothers Grimm, Amabel Williams-Ellis1976


Gulliver's TravelsJonathan Swift, Marie Stuart1976


Have fun with Nature (Book 1)Lesley Firth1976


Herb cookery and other recipesAlan Hooker1976


How to Live with a Neurotic DogStephen Baker1976


In the HarbourHeinz Kurth1976


Jack and Jill Book 1977Unknown1976


Jackie Annual 1977Unknown1976


Jewelry Making at HomeGabrielle Weaver1976


Little GorillaRuth Bornstein1976


Macdonald Quiz Book: Famous PeopleSusan Baker, Nora Stein1976


Make things Gypsies madeMarjorie Stapleton1976


Modern Vegetarian CookeryWalter & Jenny Fliess1976


My Fun to SewJanet Barber1976


My Part of the RiverGrace Foakes1976


My Uncle PodgerJerome K. Jerome, Wallace Tripp1976

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