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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Shoot! Soccer Quiz Book 1979Unknown1978


Snow WhiteThe Brothers Grimm, Ruth Ainsworth1978


Some Birds and Mammals of the WoodlandKenneth Lilly1978


Spotter's Guide to The SeashoreSu Swallow1978


Starsky and Hutch annual 1979Unknown1978


The 1st St Michael book of Rupert FavouritesMary Tourtel1978


The 2nd St Michael book of Rupert FavouritesMary Tourtel1978


The Beaver (Wildlife Library)Angela Sheehan1978


The Best of the BunchNance Donkin1978


The Body and Health (Macdonald Guidelines)Brian Ward1978


The Bronze SwordHenry Treece1978


The Cookery YearTheodora FitzGibbon, Jane Grigson, Nesta Hollis, Kenneth H.C. Lo, Elizabeth Pomeroy, Silvino S. Trompetto, et al.1978


The Day the Ceiling Fell DownJenifer Wayne1978


The FiftiesPeter Lewis1978


The Flying Enterprise (Famous Ships, Book 2)D. Newton and D. Smith1978


The Hamlyn Book of CyclingClaude Kearley1978


The Kate Greenaway TreasuryRuth Hill Viguers, Kate Greenaway1978


The Life of JesusMargaret Ralph1978


The Little Red CabooseMarian Potter1978


The Lure of the FalconJuliette Benzoni, Anne Carter1978

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