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CoverTitleAuthor Year


RachelElizabeth Fanshawe1975


Richard Scarry's Great Steamboat MysteryRichard Scarry1975


Robin HoodCarola Oman1975


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 40Unknown1975


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 40Unknown1975


Something to DoSeptima1975


Sparkle the Pony (Brimax 'Real Life' Readers)Rosalind Sutton and Karen Higham1975


St George's Chapel - WindsorMaurice Bond1975


Supercook's Poultry and Game CookbookYvonne Deutch1975


Supercook: Vol. 7, Part 86Unknown1975


Supercook: Vol. 8, Part 101Unknown1975


Tammy Annual 1976Unknown1975


Tasseltip and the BoozleSarah Cotton1975


The Bermuda TriangleCharles Berlitz1975


The BorrowersMary Norton1975


The Enchanted PlacesChristopher Milne1975


The Fat Cat: A Danish FolktaleJack Kent1975


The Fish We Catch: Identification - Habitat - LuresW.E. Davies1975


The How and Why Wonder Book of ButterfliesRobert Goodden1975


The lives of the Kings & Queens of EnglandAntonia Fraser, et al.1975

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