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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Girls' Crystal Annual 1953Judy Lewis, Sheila Austin, et al.1952


The Champion Annual for Boys 1952Various1952


BBC Childrens Annual 1955Freda Lingstrom, et al.1954


Girls' Crystal Annual 1954Christine Landon, Renee Frazer, Enid Boyten, et al.1954


Lion Annual 1955Unknown1954


Lion Annual 1955Unknown1954


Charles Chilton's Riders of the Range AnnualCharles Chilton1955


Hopalong Cassidy Stories No. 3Charles Hitchcock1955


Lion Annual 1956Unknown1955


Okay Adventure AnnualVarious1955


Daily Mail Boys AnnualJohn Bellamy, W.E. Johns, Eric Leyland, et al.1956


Girls' Crystal Annual 1957Various1956


Knockout Annual 1957Various1956


Lion Annual 1957Unknown1956


Playways AnnualChris Temple, Enid Blyton, Eunice Close, et al.1956


Roy Rogers Cowboy AnnualVarious1956


International Theatre Annual No. 2Harold Hobson, et al.1957


Kit Carson's Cowboy Annual 1958Unknown1957


Opera Annual No. 4Harold Rosenthal, et al.1957


Picturegoer Film Annual 1957-1958Robert Ottaway, et al.1958

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