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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Jackie Annual 1977Unknown1976


pink Annual 1977Various1976


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 41Unknown1976


The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1977Various1976


TV Chimps Annual 1977Various1976


Twinkle 1977Various1976


Black Beauty annual 1978Various1977


Bunty - The Book For Girls 1978Various1977


Disneyland Annual 1978Unknown1977


Little Star 1978Unknown1977


Oh Boy! Annual 1978Various1977


Starsky and Hutch annual 1978Unknown1977


Teddy Bear Annual 1978Unknown1977


The Dandy Book 1978Unknown1977


The Look and Learn Book 1978Various1977


The Sweeney AnnualVarious1977


The Wonderful World of Disney Annual 1978Unknown1977


Twinkle 1978Various1977


Twinkle 1978Various1977


Bunty - The Book For Girls 1979Various1978

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