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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Twinkle 1986Various1985


Postman Pat Annual 1987Ann Burnett & Donna Bryant1986


The Brownie Annual 1986Rosalind Woodhouse, et al.1986


The original Flower Fairies AnnualCicely M. Barker, John Barraclough (editor)1986


Battle Annual 1988Unknown1987


She-Ra Princess of Power Annual 1988Unknown1987


Winnie The Pooh Annual 1989Unknown1988


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 54James Henderson1989


The Beano Book 1990Various1989


Original Sylvanian Families Annual 1991Michael Stuart Phipps, et al.1990


The 1991 Snoopy AnnualCharles M. Schulz1990


The Beano Book 1991Unknown1990


Twinkle 1991Unknown1990


My Little Pony Annual 1992Pat Posner1991


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 56James Henderson and Ian Robinson1991


Disney's Year Book 1993Various1993


Disney's Year Book 1994Various1994


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 59Ian Robinson1994


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 61Ian Robinson1996


Disney's Year Book 1998Victoria Saxon, Disney Enterprises, et al.1998

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