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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Pre-Raphaelite TragedyWilliam Gaunt1975


Claude Monet: The First of the ImpressionistsBrian Petrie1979


A child's guide to looking at paintingsFrances Kennet, Terry Measham1981


Splendours of the GonzagaDavid Chambers, et al.1981


WhistlerPierre Cabanne, Nicholas Max Jennings1985


The Metropolitan Museum of ArtHoward Hibbard1986


SisleyAnna Maria Mascheroni, Kerry Milis, et al.1990


The Passionate Eye: Impressionist and Other Master Paintings from the Collection of Emil G. Bührle, ZurichHortense Anda-Bührle, et al.1990


ImpressionismFelicitas Tobien, Stephen Gorman1991


Edvard Munch: The Frieze of LifeMara-Helen Wood, et al.1992


Kenn' Se Berlin? Ein Stadtbummel mit den Gropiusstädter SonntagsmalernHannelore Tramper, Eberhard Diepgen, Mary-Louise St. Aubyn Detterer1992


Sickert: PaintingsWendy Baron, Richard Shone, et al.1992


The Living RockiesGeorge Brybycin1992


Giovanni GalloGuiseppe Selvaggi, Luigi Tallarico1993


John Hedgecoe's Complete Guide to PhotographyJohn Hedgecoe1994


Renoir's WomenGeorgia Sion1994


The National Gallery companion guideErika Langmuir1994


My Sticker Art Gallery: Van GoghCarole Armstrong1996


BonnardSarah Whitfield and John Elderfield1998


It Hurts: New York art from Warhol to nowMatthew Collings1998

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