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Babar's Games: A Pop-Up BookLaurent de Brunhoff1968


Babar en FamilleJean de Brunhoff1969


Meet Babar and His FamilyLaurent de Brunhoff1973


Babar the MagicianLaurent de Brunhoff1980


A Pet For BabarLesley Young1990


Babar at HomeJean de Brunhoff1990


Babar's TravelsJean de Brunhoff1990


Histoire de Babar le petit éléphantJean de Brunhoff1990


The Story of Babar the little elephantJean de Brunhoff1990


Babar's TravelsJean de Brunhoff1991


Babar and Father ChristmasJean de Brunhoff1992


Babar at SchoolLaurent de Brunhoff1992


L'enfance de BabarJean de Brunhoff1992


Babar's Big Book of Words in French and EnglishAlison Green1993


Le mariage de BabarJean de Brunhoff1994


The World of BabarLesley Young1998


Babar sur l'île déserteLaurent de Brunhoff1999


L'anniversaire de BabarLaurent de Brunhoff2000


The Babar Collection: Five classic storiesJean de Brunhoff2008

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