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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Pumpkin SoupHelen Cooper1999


Up With Birds!John Yeoman1999


Snuggle down ducklingsMandy Ross2000


The Little Guides: BirdsJoseph M. Forshaw, et al.2000


Vasan's Study of Birds (A Guide to Sketching and Shading)A.P. Anil Kumar2000


JamieClare Jarrett2001


Katy Cat and Beaky BooLucy Cousins2001


Flip's DayPeter Horáček2002


Odette: Un printemps à ParisPhilippe Dumas2002


Owl BabiesMartin Waddell2002


Rosie Robin's Birthday SurpriseJulie Haydon2002


T'choupi fête son anniversaireThierry Courtin2002


The Owl Who Was Afraid of the DarkJill Tomlinson2002


Usborne Pocket Nature: BirdsRosamund Kidman Cox, Barbara Cork2002


O Galo Presunçoso E...F. Melro2004




Storm-BoyColin Thiele2004


Pink!Lynne Rickards2008

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