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Bimbo and TopsyEnid Blyton1969


Naughty Amelia Jane!Enid Blyton1969


Second Form at Malory TowersEnid Blyton1969


The Mountain of AdventureEnid Blyton1969


The Mystery of Holly LaneEnid Blyton1969


The Mystery of the Spiteful LettersEnid Blyton1969


Enid Blyton's Brer Rabbit Holiday AdventuresEnid Blyton1970


Enid Blyton's Happy Time StoriesEnid Blyton1970


Enid Blyton's Sleepytime TalesEnid Blyton1970


Mister Meddle's MuddlesEnid Blyton1970


The Rat-A-Tat MysteryEnid Blyton1970


The Ring o' Bells MysteryEnid Blyton1970


Enid Blyton's Happy Adventure Tales (Purnell Sunshine Library)Enid Blyton1971


Enid Blyton's Little Animal Stories (Purnell Sunshine Library)Enid Blyton1971


The Enchanted WoodEnid Blyton1971


The Enchanted WoodEnid Blyton1971


Five are together againEnid Blyton1972


Five go to Demon's RocksEnid Blyton1972


The Wishing-Chair AgainEnid Blyton1972


Enid Blyton's Bedtime Annual 1975Enid Blyton1974

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