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My Best Book of Enid Blyton StoriesEnid Blyton1981


First Term at Malory TowersEnid Blyton1982


The Twins at St. Clare'sEnid Blyton1982


Adventure of the Strange RubyEnid Blyton1983


Mr. Plod and Little NoddyEnid Blyton1983


Noddy and His CarEnid Blyton1983


Summer Term at St. Clare'sEnid Blyton1983


The Big Bad DogEnid Blyton1983


The Enid Blyton Story AnnualEnid Blyton1983


The Naughtiest Girl Is A MonitorEnid Blyton1983


Third Year at Malory TowersEnid Blyton1983


Third Year at Malory TowersEnid Blyton1983


Enid Blyton's Brer Rabbit BookEnid Blyton1984


The Famous Five in Fancy DressEnid Blyton, Claude Voilier, Anthea Bell1984


The Marvellous AdventureEnid Blyton1984


Upper Fourth at Malory TowersEnid Blyton1984


Second Form at St. Clare'sEnid Blyton1985


Second Form at Malory TowersEnid Blyton1986


The Adventures of Mr. Pink-WhistleEnid Blyton1986


Five Have a Wonderful TimeEnid Blyton1987

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