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Third Year at Malory TowersEnid Blyton1991


Noddy At The SeasideEnid Blyton1992


Noddy Meets Father ChristmasEnid Blyton1992


Enid Blyton's Noddy and his Car (A Sainsbury Toddler Book)Enid Blyton1993


Five Go Adventuring AgainEnid Blyton1993


Michael Bond's Book of BearsMichael Bond, Enid Blyton, Else Holmelund Minarik, et al.1994


More Adventures on Willow FarmEnid Blyton1994


Enid Blyton's Pocket Library: The Wonderful TorchEnid Blyton1995


Enid Blyton's The Yellow TrumpetsEnid Blyton1996


Five Go To Smuggler's TopEnid Blyton1997


Five on a Treasure IslandEnid Blyton1997


The Fairies' Shoemaker and other storiesEnid Blyton1997


The Sneezing Dog and Other StoriesEnid Blyton1997


First Term at Malory TowersEnid Blyton1999


Noddy And The Magic RubberEnid Blyton1999


The Famous Five: Five On A Treasure IslandEnid Blyton1999


The Naughtiest Girl Helps A FriendEnid Blyton, Anne Digby1999


Set of 6 miniature books:
When The Toys Had A Secret/Susan Borrows A Barrow/
The Strange Bicycle/A Lovely Surprise/
Harry's New Football/It Serves You Right Mr Sly
Enid Blyton2000


Noddy And The Surprise PartyEnid Blyton2002


Oui-Oui à la fermeEnid Blyton2002

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