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CoverTitleAuthor Year


A Brave Little PrincessBeatrice Masini1998


Princess StoriesGeraldine McCaughrean1998


Dear FairiesSandy Nightingale1999


The Real Fairy StorybookGeorgie Adams1999


Delia Daisy: Dragonfly DanceUnknown2000


Lucy Lupin: The Frightened PansyUnknown2000


Sunflower Sally: Beehive TalesUnknown2000


The Fairy CatalogueSally Gardner2000


Topsy Tulip: Thunderstorm!Unknown2000


Vera Violet: A Narrow EscapeUnknown2000


Barbie in the NutcrackerE.T.A. Hoffman, Linda Engelsiepen & Hilary Hinkle2001


The Secret Fairy in FairylandClaire Freedman2001


Little Book of PrincessesClare Charlton, et al.2002


My Fairy Jigsaw BookSiân Bailey2002


Beauty and the BeastCatherine Samuel2003


Buttercup Goes to the Ball (Flower Fairies Friends)Cicely Mary Barker2003


Dear Tooth FairyAlan Durant2003


Fairy ShoppingSally Gardner2003


Shirley Barber's Fairy StoriesShirley Barber2003


The Starlight FairyShirley Barber2003

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