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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Puss in BootsCharles Perrault, Christopher Logue1976


CinderellaCharles Perrault1977


CinderellaCharles Perrault1977


Hansel and GretelThe Brothers Grimm1977


Jack and the BeanstalkJoseph Jacobs1977


Puss-in-BootsCharles Perrault1977


Puss-in-BootsCharles Perrault1977


read it yourself: Gingerbread ManFran Hunia1977


RumpelstiltskinThe Brothers Grimm, Anna and Danuta Dzierżek1977


Snow WhiteThe Brothers Grimm1977


Snow WhiteThe Brothers Grimm1977


Snow White and the Seven DwarfsThe Brothers Grimm, Anna and Danuta Dzierżek1977


The Sleeping BeautyThe Brothers Grimm1977


The Sleeping Beauty: A Peepshow BookThe Brothers Grimm1977


Walt Disney's Pinocchio and the WhaleThe Walt Disney Company1977


Blue Fairy BookAndrew Lang, Brian Alderson, et al.1978


Fairy Tales from Many LandsVarious1978


Folk & Fairy TalesRuth Manning-Sanders1978


Hans Andersen: His Classic Fairy TalesHans Andersen, Erik Haugaard1978


My World of Fairy TalesJane Carruth, The Brothers Grimm, Hans Andersen, Charles Perrault1978

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