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Puss in BootsCharles Perrault, Ruth Ainsworth1978


read it yourself: Puss in BootsCharles Perrault, Fran Hunia1978


read it yourself: The Elves and the ShoemakerThe Brothers Grimm, Fran Hunia1978


read it yourself: The Pied Piper of HamelinFran Hunia1978


read it yourself: The Sly Fox and Red HenFran Hunia1978


Snow WhiteThe Brothers Grimm, Ruth Ainsworth1978


Rackham's Fairy Tale Colouring Book: 17 Stories from the Brothers GrimmThe Brothers Grimm, James Spero1979


read it yourself: The Magic PaintbrushFran Hunia1979


Tom ThumbJane Carruth1979


Walt Disney's Treasury of Children's ClassicsDarlene Geis, Charles Perrault, Lewis Carroll, A.A. Milne, et al.1979


Well-Loved Tales: The Princess and the PeaHans Andersen, Vera Southgate1979


Well-Loved Tales: The Ugly DucklingHans Andersen, Lynne Bradbury1979


'All Day Long' StoriesIrene James, David Eden, Robert Moss, Lucy Kincaid, Rosalind Sutton, Dennis Burley1980


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland an Through the Looking GlassLewis Carroll1980


read it yourself: Ananse and the Sky GodFran Hunia1980


read it yourself: RapunzelFran Hunia1980


read it yourself: Wizard of OzL. Frank Baum, Fran Hunia1980


Stories for Eight-Year-Olds and other young readersSara and Stephen Corrin, Hans Andersen, Walter de la Mare, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, et al.1980


The HobyahsJames H. Fasset1980


The Kincaid's book of Wizards Giants Trolls and magicLucy Kincaid1980

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