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jumping (Horse and Pony magazine)Jackie Budd1999


Kaki et ses amis: Les contrairesElisabeth de Galbert1999


Katie Morag's Rainy Day BookMairi Hedderwick1999


Kevin McCloud's Decorating BookKevin McCloud1999


Le grand voyage du roi MinusculeMarie-Sabine Roger1999


Let's Look At CastlesClaude Delafosse, Gallimard Jeunesse1999


Let's look at the SkyClaude Delafosse, Gallimard Jeunesse, Clare Best1999


Mary, Mary, Quite ContraryTraditional1999


Moo Baa Baa QuackFrancesca Simon1999


My First Picture Book of Baby AnimalsLinda Jennings1999


Naughty Kitten!Michele Coxon1999


Noddy And The Magic RubberEnid Blyton1999


Old Mother HubbardTraditional1999


On the FarmKaren Bryant-Mole1999


Parsnip and the Runaway TractorSue Porter1999


Petit Ours Brun lave la voitureMarie Aubinais1999


Ping Pong P-Pan (Hop Step Jump)Barbara Applin1999


Postman Pat Annual 2000Brenda Apsley1999


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 64Ian Robinson1999


Sheltie: Rabbits GalorePeter Clover1999

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