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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Big Book Of Funny StoriesJeremy Strong2000


The Fairy CatalogueSally Gardner2000


The Golden EggA.J. Wood2000


The Guzunder Gang: Making FriendsAlice Peebles, Eden Phillips2000


The HunterPaul Geraghty2000


The Lighthouse Keeper's BreakfastRonda & David Armitage2000


The Little Guides: BirdsJoseph M. Forshaw, et al.2000


The Little Match Girl & The Old HouseHans Andersen2000


The Little Mermaid & The Red ShoesHans Andersen2000


The Lost AcornsNick Butterworth2000


The Original Velveteen RabbitMargery Williams2000


The Puffin Book of Five-Minute Bear StoriesDick King-Smith, Hiawyn Oram, Nicola Baxter, The Brothers Grimm, et al.2000


The Snail HouseAllan Ahlberg2000


The Snow QueenHans Andersen2000


The Steadfast Tin Soldier & The Princes & The PeaHans Andersen2000


The Tinderbox & The Shepherdess & The Chimney SweepHans Andersen2000


The Ugly Duckling & The BeetleHans Andersen2000


The Wind in the WillowsKenneth Grahame2000


The Wind in the Willows TreasuryKenneth Grahame2000


The Wise DollHiawyn Oram2000

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