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The Saint in MiamiLeslie Charteris1964


'How it works': The Motor CarDavid Carey1965


Alice's Adventures under GroundLewis Carroll1965


American Geographical Society Around the World Program: GermanyLudwik and Eileen Teclaff1965


American Geographical Society Around the World Program: HollandE. John Long1965


Animals and how they liveF.E. Newing, Richard Bowood1965


Biggles in AfricaCaptain W.E. Johns1965


Bunter the RacketeerFrank Richards1965


Bunter: The Tough Guy of GreyfriarsFrank Richards1965


Cuthbert and Kate the CaterpillarsFaith Graham1965


Find Its Name, Book Four: Spring Flowers of Hedgerow and RoadsideG.A. Perry and M.J.D. Hirons1965


Our Pets: A Dean Pop-Up BookUnknown1965


PomagamyIrena Landau1965


Rip van WinkleWashington Irving, Shirley Goulden1965


Tales of Long AgoEnid Blyton1965


Thanks to The SaintLeslie Charteris1965


The Bells of London TownTraditional1965


The Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme, Book 5c: More sounds to sayW. Murray1965


The Little Old TrainMargaret G. Otto1965


The Second Jungle BookRudyard Kipling1965

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