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The King and the Broom MakerJan Balet, Merloyd Lawrence1971


The Lost PrinceFrances Hodgson Burnett1971


The Trains We LovedC. Hamilton Ellis1971


Tom and Jerry annual 1972Various1971


True Thomas the Rhymer and other tales of the Lowland ScotsHeather and Tom Scott1971


Uncle and His DetectiveJ.P. Martin1971


Waggy And His FriendsPatricia M. Scarry1971


Benjamin's TravelsWendy Wilkin (translator)1972


Britain's Buried TreasuresUnknown1972


dessinons tous les sportsErich Hölle, Nicole Vallée1972


Farmer BoyLaura Ingalls Wilder1972


God Bless LoveNanette Newman, et al.1972


Gumdrop: The Adventures of a Vintage CarVal Biro1972


Let's Meet Some Baby AnimalsElla Bruce1972


Man's EnivronmentAnne Harris, Carolyn Harrison, Peter Smithson1972


Merry-MakingCharity Waciuma1972


my big picture book of Teddy BearsBrenda Uttley1972


Passenger to FrankfurtAgatha Christie1972


Rufus the little engineWilliam and Marjorie Wynn1972


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 37Alfred Bestall1972

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