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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Dandy Book 1978Unknown1977


The Eagle of the NinthRosemary Sutcliff1977


The Eagle of the NinthRosemary Sutcliff1977


The Fairy's GiftCicely Mary Barker1977


The Further Exploits of Mr Saucy SquirrelWoodrow Wyatt1977


The House in Norham GardensPenelope Lively1977


The Look and Learn Book 1978Various1977


The Ogre DownstairsDiana Wynne Jones1977


The Peppermint PigNina Bawden1977


The Sleeping BeautyThe Brothers Grimm1977


The Sweeney AnnualVarious1977


The Wombles (Take Part Series)Elisabeth Beresford, Sheila Lane, Marion Kemp1977


The Wonderful World of Disney Annual 1978Unknown1977


Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found ThereLewis Carroll1977


Topsy and Tim's Sports DayJean and Gareth Adamson1977


Twinkle 1978Various1977


Twinkle 1978Various1977


Village AffairsMiss Read1977


Wonder Why Book of PlanetsPatrick Moore1977


Yellow bird readers: Chris and FredIvan Waterman1977

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