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Gunfighters of the Wild WestEric Inglefield1978


Hides and Seekers: The Inside Story of Secret PlacesHarry T. Sutton1978


High Speed TrainsJane Collins1978


It's a dog's lifeMark Stern1978


John Board's Practical Horsemanship in show and fieldHugh Venables1978


Life on a Country EstateM.G. Graham-Cameron1978


Little Grey Rabbit's ChristmasAlison Uttley1978


Messy Malcolm's BirthdayJenny Taylor and Terry Ingleby1978


No Ponies for Miss PobjoyUrsula Moray Williams1978


Old Aunt Elspa's ABCJoseph Crawhall1978


Ozma of OzL. Frank Baum1978


Peanuts: Lucy rules OK?Charles M. Schulz1978


Playschool Annual 1979Unknown1978


Pluto and the PigletThe Walt Disney Company1978


Pop-Up Circus Fun: A Magic Glasses BookArnold Shapiro1978


read it yourself: The Pied Piper of HamelinFran Hunia1978


Reflections from a VillageFrank Swinnerton1978


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 43Unknown1978


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 43Unknown1978


Shoot! Soccer Quiz Book 1979Unknown1978

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