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The Grand Book for BoysUnknown1939


Fairies of the TreesCicely Mary Barker1940


The GondoliersW.S. Gilbert, Arthur Sullivan, Robert Lawrence1940


The Story of Living Things and Their EvolutionEileen Mayo, Prof. Julian Huxley1940


A Country ZodiacAlfred Tennyson, George Eliot, William Shakespeare, et al.1941


The Dark HouseWarwick Deeping1941


The Spice of LifeNeil Bell1941


Cryptography: The Science of Secret WritingLaurence Dwight Smith1943


Edible FungiJohn Ramsbottom1943


Monster Book for GirlsEva Chadwick, C. Bernard Rutley, et al.1943


The Wild CherryDiana Ross1943


Wild Life in the JungleC. Bernard Rutley1943


Bedford VillageHervey Allen1944


Being Met TogetherVaughan Wilkins1944


ChatterboxRedvers Hewitt, Eva Chadwick, et al.1944


Child of PromiseCicely Ashton-Jinks1944


Sailing DaysAdlard Coles1944


The Malachite Casket: Tales from the UralsPavel Bazhov, Alan Moray Williams1944


Young BessMargaret Irwin1944


Hand Holding RyeGeva Rideal1945

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