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First Rights: A Guide to Legal Rights for Young People (New Edition)Maggie Rae, Patricia Hewitt and Barry Hugill1981


First steps in First AidIan Roy1981


Flower Fairies Miniature LibraryCicely Mary Barker1981


Gentelman JimRaymond Briggs1981


Handling Language (Book 1)John Davis1981


Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales chosen by Naomi LewisNaomi Lewis1981


Hansel and GretelThe Brothers Grimm, Shirley Greenway1981


Happy Times Book of FairytalesThe Brothers Grimm1981


Hetty and HarrietGraham Oakley1981


Joan of ArcMaurice Boutet de Monvel, Gerald Gottlieb1981


Just Like DaddyFrank Asch1981


Keeping Christmas: An Edwardian-Age MemoirWilliam F. Stricker1981


King DavidJohn Purves1981


Lionel And The Secret HatAngus Ogilvy1981


Little Star 1982Unknown1981


Monster Fun Annual 1982Unknown1981


My Best Book of RhymesAlan Blackwood1981


My Gold StorybookRose Fyleman, Joseph Jacobs, Oscar Wilde, Aesop, The Brothers Grimm, Hans Andersen, et al.1981


Pocket Scientist: Fun With ElectronicsJ.G. McPherson1981


Prepare to CookMary Cadogan1981

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