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The Adventures of Pongo the Pup: The Magic Train to StorylandDudley Charles Hoon1946


The King's GeneralDaphne du Maurier1946


The Penguin Music Magazine Vol. IRalph Hill, Edward J. Dent, Michael Ayrton, et al.1946


The Pilgrimage of the BellsHannah Gabert1946


The Wishing ShoeFrank Jupo1946


Truth In A Tale Series No.2: Small CreaturesKathleen M. Sully1946


At The Sign Of The Dolphin: An Elizabeth Goudge AnthologyElizabeth Goudge, Rose Dobbs1947


English FashionsJohn Mortimer1947


Forgive Us Our TrespassesNeil Bell1947


Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales 1707-1751Averyl Edwards1947


So Well RememberedJames Hilton1947


This Side of InnocenceTaylor Caldwell1947


Told on the King's HighwayEleanore Myers Jewett1947


Uncle Mac's Children's Hour Story BookDerek McCulloch, et al.1947


Birds Of The Sea And ShoreGladys Davidson1948


Chappell's Fables with Music Series: The Sleeping BeautyThe Brothers Grimm, Phil Park1948


Farm FriendsElizabeth Gould1948


Flower Fairies of the WaysideCicely Mary Barker1948


My First Book of Bible Stories (A Little Golden Book)Mary Ann Walton1948


The "Maid of Sussex"Gordon Volk1948

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