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Ride to the RescueJune Crebbin1990


RumplestiltskinThe Brothers Grimm, Alison Sage1990


Rupert and the Paper MysteryAlfred Bestall, David Hately1990


Sam Goes ShoppingRosemary Border1990


Stanley In SpaceJeff Brown1990


Teddy and A Christmas VisitBrian Miles1990


Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Enter: The Rat KingMaureen Spurgeon1990


Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Return of the TechnodromeMaureen Spurgeon1990


The 1991 Snoopy AnnualCharles M. Schulz1990


The Beano Book 1991Unknown1990


The Christmas Stocking Gift BookValerie Janitch1990


The Good Little Christmas TreeUrsula Moray Williams1990


The GreeksSusan Peach, Anne Millard1990


The Leatherback Turtle: Sea Turtles and their Conservation/Y Crwban Môr Lledrgefn: Crwbanod Môr a'u CadwraethPeter J. Morgan, Mary Jones1990


The Night Before ChristmasClement C. Moore1990


The Painted Seasons: A Year in the Life of the British CountrysideDick Twinney1990


The People Who Hugged The Trees: An Environmental Folk TaleDeborah Lee Rose1990


The Snow Country PrinceDaisaku Ikeda, Geraldine McCaughrean1990


The Stephen Cartwright ABCHeather Amery1990


The Tin Soldier (Bonny Books)Hans Christian Andersen1990

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