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Katy's Surprise (AlphaPets)Shirley Bogart1991


La Forêt aux Mille OmbresMischa Damjan, Anne-Marie Chapouton1991


Monster PoemsJohn Foster, Tony Bradman, Charles Thomson, et al.1991


MonstersColin and Jacqui Hawkins1991


Monty See, Monty Do (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1991


Mrs Pig Gets Cross/Bathtime for Garth PigMary Rayner1991


My First Book of Nursery RhymesTraditional1991


My Little Pony Annual 1992Pat Posner1991


Nelly, That's Not Nice! (AlphaPets)Shirley Bogart1991


Ollie the ElephantBurny Bos1991


Ollie's Folly (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1991


People Jesus MetB.A. Ramsbottom1991


Perry's Not-So-Perfect Day (AlphaPets)Sarah Dawson1991


Queenie's Secret (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1991


Rupert to the Rescue (AlphaPets)Ruth Lerner Perle1991


Rupert: The Daily Express Annual No. 56James Henderson and Ian Robinson1991


Secrets Of The PondIngrid Selberg1991


ShapesTony Wells1991


Ship's Cook GingerEdward Ardizzone1991


Sorochintsy FairNikolai Gogol, Sybil Countess Schönfeldt, Patricia Crampton1991

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