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Le Petit PrinceAntoine de Saint-Exupéry, F.A. Shuffrey1983


The First Thousand Words in French With Easy Pronunciation GuideHeather Amery, Katherine Folliot, Anne Becker1983


Gaston: Le Cas LagaffeAndré Franquin1984


Les Aventures de Tintin: L'étoile MystérieuseHergé1984


Snoopy et Ses AmisCharles M. Schulz, J. Daubannay1984


The FestivalPeter Bonnici, Jolly Chakraborty1984


The Usborne Picture Dictionary in FrenchAngela Wilkes, Katherine Folliot1984


Colouring Plus/Coloriage PlusUnknown1985


I live at Nelson Heights and there's a Fire Across The StreetManju Gregory, Nancy Sandhu1985


Joachim a des ennuisRené Goscinny1985


The Hare and the Tortoise (Luzac Storytellers)Gabriel Douloubakas, Qamar Zamani, Jennie Ingham1985


The Naughty MouseSusheila Stone, Janardan Prasad Agrawal1985


To Heaven and BackManohar Rakhe, Qamar Zamani1985


La Pierre de CristalMichael Palin, Richard Seymour, Louis Yvon Chaballe1986


ABC dos ovinhosMichel Rio, M. Graciete Teixeira1987


Franglais: Mots Fléchés Bilingues (No. 2)Editions de la Fortune1987


Kasper Mütze holt einen HasenJanosch1987


Los Cinco en PeligroEnid Blyton, Isabel Ulsamer1987


A Curiosidade PremiadaFernanda Lopes de Almeida1988


L'aventure de la pomme de terreRaphaëlle Brice1988

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