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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Sultan's RenegadeMika Waltari1951


Robin Hood and His Merrie Men (Regent Classics)Unknown1952


Adventures of Robin HoodEleanor Graham Vance1953


Elizabeth and the Prince of SpainMargaret Irwin1953


Bless this HouseNorah Lofts1954


KatherineAnya Seton1954


Quentin Durward (Regent Classics)Sir Walter Scott1955


Robin HoodAntonia Pakenham1955


King Arthur and His Knights of the Round TableRoger Lancelyn Green1957


The Three MusketeersAlexandre Dumas1957


The Court of LovePeter Bourne1958


The White WitchElizabeth Goudge1958


The Winthrop WomanAnya Seton1958


The Door In The WallMarguerite de Angeli1959


Robinson Crusoe (Early Reader Series No. 8)Daniel Defoe1961


Castle DorSir Arthur Quiller-Couch & Daphne du Maurier1962


Devil WaterAnya Seton1962


KenilworthSir Walter Scott1962


The Pilgrim's ProgressLaurence G. S. Morris1962


The Prisoner of ZendaAnthony Hope1962

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