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How We Used To Live: Victorians - Early & LateDavid Evans1992


Roman SoldierFiona Macdonald1992


Timelines: Transport on Land, Road & RailEryl Davies1992


Rome & RomansHeather Amery, Patricia Vanags1993


Sainsbury's Atlas of ExplorationDinah Starkey1993


What was it like Before Cars? (Rainbows)Paul Humphrey1993


What was it like Before the Telephone? (Rainbows)Paul Humphrey1993


Great Houses of England & WalesHugh Montgomery-Massingberd1994


I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats and Other Questions About Long AgoPhilip Steele1994


The National Trust Historical Atlas of Britain: Prehistoric to MedievalNigel Saul, et al.1994


The TudorsTim Wood1994


The VictoriansTim Wood1994


What was it like Before Electricity? (Rainbows)Paul Bennett1994


What was it like Before Television? (Rainbows)Rosie Hankin1994


500 Questions and AnswersAnne McKie1995


A+ Quizmasters: People in the PastIan Whitelaw and Julie Whitaker1995


Great ExplorersRoderic Owen1995


History From Photographs: People Who Help UsKath Cox and Pat Hughes1995


Make it Work! JapanAndrew Haslam & Clare Doran1995


Max's Book of The RomansDonna Bailey, Ted Wragg1995

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