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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Silver Blue: A story of the ponies that run free on DartmoorG.D. Griffiths1970


Black BeautyAnna Sewell1971


The First RosetteChristine Puellein-Thompson1973


Jackie and the Pony TrekkersJudith M. Berrisford1974


Pony IslandMary Gervaise1974


Puzzle of PoniesMary Gervaise1974


Black Beauty (Purnell Colour Classics)Anna Sewell, Jane Carruth1975


Custer's Gold: A Story of the American West at the time of the Battle of the Little Big HornKenneth Ulyatt1975


Horses at HomeDiana Pullein-Thompson1975


PenelopeNorman Thelwell1975


Sparkle the Pony (Brimax 'Real Life' Readers)Rosalind Sutton and Karen Higham1975


Black Beauty annual 1978Various1977


A Leg At Each Corner: Thelwell's Complete Guide to EquitationNorman Thelwell1978


Gunfighters of the Wild WestEric Inglefield1978


Horses And PoniesDaphne Machin-Goodall1978


John Board's Practical Horsemanship in show and fieldHugh Venables1978


No Ponies for Miss PobjoyUrsula Moray Williams1978


Black Beauty annual 1980Various1979


ShimmereeStephen Cosgrove1980


By the Shores of Silver LakeLaura Ingalls Wilder1981

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