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'How it Works': The Locomotive - Diesel and ElectricDavid Carey1969


'Well-Loved Tales': Chicken LickenVera Southgate1969


'Well-Loved Tales': Chicken LickenVera Southgate1969


'Well-Loved Tales': Snow-White and the Seven DwarfsThe Brothers Grimm, Vera Southgate1969


'Well-Loved Tales': The Wolf and the Seven Little KidsThe Brothers Grimm, Vera Southgate1969


BalletIan Woodward1969


How It Works... The HovercraftE.S. Hayden1969


Indoor GardeningJ. Griffin-King1969


Learnabout... Coarse FishingN. Scott1969


Pond and River BirdsJohn Leigh-Pemberton1969


Teaching ReadingW. Murray1969


The story of NewspapersW.D. Siddle1969


The story of Saint PaulD.S. Hare1969


'Through the Ages': TransportMuriel Goaman1970


Birds of PreyJohn Leigh-Pemberton1970


Cub ScoutsDavid Harwood1970


Cub ScoutsDavid Harwood1970


How It Works... The Motor CarDavid Carey1971


Learnabout... Swimming and DivingHenry Marlow1971


The Ambush: A Robin Hood AdventureMax Kester1971

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