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True Thomas the Rhymer and other tales of the Lowland ScotsHeather and Tom Scott1971


New Larousse Encyclopedia of MythologyRobert Graves, Richard Aldington, Delano Ames1973


Robin HoodAntonia Fraser1973


Tales of Brave AdventureEnid Blyton1974


The Lotus and the Grail: Legends from East to WestRosemary Harris1974


Robin HoodCarola Oman1975


Robin Hood and the Silver ArrowDesmond Dunkerley1978


Monkey Subdues The White-Bone DemonHsu Kwang-jung & Pan Tsai-ying1979


read it yourself: William TellFran Hunia1979


Stories for Eight-Year-Olds and other young readersSara and Stephen Corrin, Hans Andersen, Walter de la Mare, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, et al.1980


The Adventures of King Arthur (Usborne Picture Classics)Angela Wilkes1981


Hamlyn Book of Legendary CreaturesTom McGowen1982


Tales of the British Isles: IrelandKenneth McLeish1984


Famous Legends: Book 1J.D.M. Preshouse1985


Robin HoodJoan Collins1985


The Loch Ness Monster And Other MysteriesVarious1988


Robin HoodNeil and Ting Morris1989


The Orchard Book of Greek MythsGeraldine McCaughrean1992


Fire Race: A Karuk Coyote Tale About How Fire Came to the PeopleJonathan London1993


Greek Myths for young childrenMarcia Williams1993

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