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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Pilgrimages to English ShrinesMrs. S.C. Hall1853


Sketching From Nature in Water-ColoursAaron Penley1876


The Land of the Pharaohs: Egypt & SinaiRev. Samuel Manning1880


The Manners and Customs of the JewsE.P. Barrows1880


Flower Painting in Water Colours: Second SeriesF. Edward Hulme1883


Nature and Her Servants or, Sketches of the Animal KingdomTheodore Wood1886


The Land of Greece: Described and IllustratedCharles Henry Hanson1886


Chambers's Encyclopædia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge (New Edition) Vol. V.Various1890


Chambers's Encyclopædia: A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge (New Edition) Vol. X.Various1892


High-Class Cookery RecipesMrs. Charles Clarke1892


The Student's Pocket Shorthand Dictionary: Twentieth Century EditionSir Isaac Pitman1900


The Sea ShoreW.S. Furneaux1903


The Tower of LondonWilliam Benham1906


By Common, Pinewood & BogMargaret Cameron1910


Things Seen in HollandCharles E. Roche1910


Butterflies & Moths At Home & AbroadH. Rowland-Brown1912


The Earle Collection of Early Staffordshire PotteryMajor Cyril Earle1915


Small Boat SailingE.F. Knight1916


The Charm of GardensDion Clayton Calthrop1917


British Sports and Sportsmen: Racing"The Sportsman"1920

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