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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Vivre en FranceFernand Marty1970

All about Creatures on Islands and ThingsAlthea Braithwaite1971


Brooke Bond Picture Card History of Adventurers and ExplorersLord John Hunt, Timothy Severin1971


desert animals (animal life 1)Ro Tate1971


Great Museums of the World: Brera, MilanFranco Russoli, et al.1971


Great Museums of the World: National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico CityArthur Romano, et al.1971


How It Works... The Motor CarDavid Carey1971


mountain animals (animal life 2)Tony Long1971


Our Royal FamilyUnknown1971


SeashellsS. Peter Dance1971


The bluffer's guides: Bluff Your Way in the TheatreMichael R. Turner1971


The Hamlyn Children's Encylopedia in ColourVarious1971


The How And Why Book of StarsNorman Hoss1971


The How and Why Wonder Book of BalletLee Wyndham1971


World CeramicsRobert J. Charleston1971


Better CookeryAileen King1972


Britain's Buried TreasuresUnknown1972


Britain: A Book to Remember Her ByTed Smart1972


dessinons tous les sportsErich Hölle, Nicole Vallée1972


God Bless LoveNanette Newman, et al.1972

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