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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The PlatypusJoan Short, Jack Green & Bettina Bird1989


The Sainsbury's Book of CarsGaynor Chapman1989


The Story of a FarmJohn S. Goodall1989


The Winter VegetarianStephanie Segal1989


Tropical BirdsClive Roots1989


Welcome to WelshHeini Gruffudd1989


World Explorer: Amazon AdventureBeth Huntley1989


World Explorer: Desert TrekProf C. Milner & A. Langley1989


Your BodyCaroline Arnold1989


Belitha Information Library: Space ExplorationBrian Jones1990


Blackie First Board Books: Zoo animalsN/A1990


Bookworm HobbiesBookworm Club1990


Buy Now, Pay Later! (Spaceship Earth)Thompson Yardley1990


Cadbury's Eighth Book of Children's PoetryF.D. Brooks, et al.1990


coloursEthel Wingfield1990


Farm Animal Stories: The HenAngela Royston1990


Gardening: In and OutJan Morrow1990


Glorious FlowersLaura Peroni1990


How to Make Your Own NewspaperKeith Faulkner and Jonathan Lambert1990


Making Soft ToysMary Ford1990

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