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CoverTitleAuthor Year


World Explorer: Desert TrekProf C. Milner & A. Langley1989


Your BodyCaroline Arnold1989


Belitha Information Library: Space ExplorationBrian Jones1990


Blackie First Board Books: Zoo animalsN/A1990


Bookworm HobbiesBookworm Club1990


Buy Now, Pay Later! (Spaceship Earth)Thompson Yardley1990


Cadbury's Eighth Book of Children's PoetryF.D. Brooks, et al.1990


coloursEthel Wingfield1990


Farm Animal Stories: The HenAngela Royston1990


Gardening: In and OutJan Morrow1990


Glorious FlowersLaura Peroni1990


How to Make Your Own NewspaperKeith Faulkner and Jonathan Lambert1990


Making Soft ToysMary Ford1990


Making ThingsMelanie Rice, Betty Root1990


SisleyAnna Maria Mascheroni, Kerry Milis, et al.1990


St Michael Harvest Cake DecoratingMary Cadogan, et al.1990


The Christmas Stocking Gift BookValerie Janitch1990


The First Lunar LandingRodney Martin1990


The GreeksSusan Peach, Anne Millard1990


The Language of Flowers.Margaret Pickston1990

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