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CoverTitleAuthor Year


The Magician's NephewC.S. Lewis1974


Custer's Gold: A Story of the American West at the time of the Battle of the Little Big HornKenneth Ulyatt1975


How to be ToppGeoffrey Willans1975


Island of the Blue DolphinsScott O'Dell1975


Olga da Polga: Olga's special dayMichael Bond1975


Something to DoSeptima1975


The BorrowersMary Norton1975


The Fat Cat: A Danish FolktaleJack Kent1975


In the HarbourHeinz Kurth1976


On the RailwayJohn Denton1976


The Animal FamilyRandall Jarrell1976


The Mouse and His ChildRussell Hoban1976


The Strange Affair of Adelaide HarrisLeon Garfield1976


the temper tantrum bookEdna Mitchell Preston1976


A Traveller in TimeAlison Uttley1977


Danny the Champion of the WorldRoald Dahl1977


Meet My Folks!Ted Hughes1977


The Eagle of the NinthRosemary Sutcliff1977


The Eagle of the NinthRosemary Sutcliff1977


The Midnight FoxBetsy Byars1977

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