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The Kidnappers (Oxford Reading Tree, Stage 8, Book 1)Roderick Hunt1990


Go, go, goJoy Cowley and June Melser1991


If you meet a dragon...Joy Cowley and June Melser1991


Learning with Letts: Making FriendsIrene Yates1991


Monster PoemsJohn Foster, Tony Bradman, Charles Thomson, et al.1991


Targets: Science at the SeasideRichard Dawson1991


The partyJoy Cowley and June Melser1991


The stormJoy Cowley and June Melser1991


An Early Start to Energy and its EffectsRay Richards1992


Étoiles 1Gillian Taylor, David Edwards1992


Maths Challenge Activity Book: Level 4David Kirkby1993


What was it like Before Cars? (Rainbows)Paul Humphrey1993


What was it like Before the Telephone? (Rainbows)Paul Humphrey1993


¡vaya! nuevo 2Michael Buckby, Michael Calvert1994


Secondary School Selection: Practice Papers in Maths, Age 10-11Robin Brown1994


The MotorwayRoderick Hunt1994


The Rescue (Young Shorty)J. Webster1994


What was it like Before Electricity? (Rainbows)Paul Bennett1994


What was it like Before Television? (Rainbows)Rosie Hankin1994


Jolly Phonics Workbook 2Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham1995

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