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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Tell Me Why: Your World of Adventure - In Living Colour (No. 44)Various1969


The Suburbs of San FranciscoWilliam Chapin, Alvin D. Hyman, Jonathan Carroll1969


Red Guide: LondonReginald J.W. Hammond1970


This Beautiful World: San FranciscoPaul C. Johnson1970


Young Visitors London Guide Nos. 1-3Unknown1972


A Taxi Driver's Guide to LondonS. Raingold1973


Venice (Wonders of Man)John H. Davis, et al.1973


Egon Ronay's Dunlop Guide 1976 to Hotels, Restaurants & Inns in Gt. Britain and IrelandEgon Ronay1975


English VillagesJohn Burke1975


Reflections from a VillageFrank Swinnerton1978


See Inside An Ancient Greek TownR.J. Unstead, Jonathan Rutland1979


The Markets of LondonAlec Forshaw1983


Mood Food: The London Restaurant Guide to Suit Every Mood, Taste and PocketLindsey Bareham and Stan Hey1984


Children's Guide to LondonChristopher Pick1985


London Town: A tour of Victorian LondonThomas Crane1985


Discovering LondonJohn Moyes1986


Old English VillagesClay Perry, Ann Gore, Laurence Fleming1986


The New Through Britain on Country RoadsPeter Brereton1988


Ancient Rome: monuments past and presentR.A. Staccioli, H. Garrett1989


Saxon VillagesRobin Place1989

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