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CoverTitleAuthor Year


Discovering LondonJohn Moyes1986


Old English VillagesClay Perry, Ann Gore, Laurence Fleming1986


Long Stays in Belgium and LuxembourgCarole Hazlewood1987


A Country Far AwayNigel Gray1988


Focus On IsraelRivka Hadary1988


The Historic Country Hotels of France: A Select GuideWendy Arnold1988


The New Through Britain on Country RoadsPeter Brereton1988


Ancient Rome: monuments past and presentR.A. Staccioli, H. Garrett1989


Saxon VillagesRobin Place1989


The Footpaths of Britain: A Guide to Walking in England, Scotland and WalesMichael Marriott, John Hillaby1989


Welcome to WelshHeini Gruffudd1989


Kenn' Se Berlin? Ein Stadtbummel mit den Gropiusst├Ądter SonntagsmalernHannelore Tramper, Eberhard Diepgen, Mary-Louise St. Aubyn Detterer1992


The Europe Project BookAudrey Daly1992


My New YorkKathy Jakobsen1993


Sainsbury's Atlas of ExplorationDinah Starkey1993


Sainsbury's Picture AtlasMarit Claridge1993


A Treasury of What Can You See?Lynn N. Grundy1994


Little Library: A Visit to GermanyMadeline McHugh & Brigit Balzert1994


Little Library: A Visit to ItalySimon Buckland1994


Odyssey Illustrated Guide to Egypt (New Edition)Lorenzo Martinengo1994

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